CTRA produces a wide range of boilers for the treatment of chemicals such as:  Reactors, distillation columns, decanters, blenders, gas cooler, gas scrubbers, odor scrubbers, absorbents, as well as their related internal equipment.
All these boilers are designed by our departments according to the dynamic and hydrostatic loads in line with the various processes.
The evolution and mastery of materials enable CTRA to design and manufacture boilers, up to 6m in diameter, to withstand the most corrosive fluids, whether they operate in the unloaded condition or at high pressure, at temperatures ranging between -50°C and 200°C.


Storage tanks used in the production and processing of corrosive fluids must meet the customer’s  safety requirements as well as the standards and regulations in force in the country of delivery.

CTRA offers a wide range of solutions for these storage tanks.

These can be constructed entirely in GRP or in GRP – Thermoplastic composites, depending on the nature of the product stored.

Our tanks include a range of 0,5m to 6m Ø and 0,5 m3 to 300 m3.

Other volumes could be studied and built upon request.


The transport of corrosive fluids by roads, rail or sea is highly controlled.

The design and quality requirements are very strict as these hazardous materials are carried on public roads.

CTRA offers different solutions for these tank containers. They can be made of GRP / Thermoplastic GRP or coated on steel :

Volume : 20 M³

Size : 20 feet standard size

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