Quality control

Quality control

Our highly qualified quality control team as well as our well-equipped laboratory enable us to carry out tests and trials to guarantee the quality of raw materials and finished products.

❖ The control process steps:

  • Raw Material Control :

Upon receipt of the raw material, we carry out the necessary tests to ensure its compliance with the specifications provided by the suppliers.

  • Monitoring and control of the manufacturing process :
    • Ensure the traceability of the manufactured products
    • Ensure that finished products comply with CTRA standards and/or with customer specifications by carrying out various in-process controls :

    ▪Non-destructive testing  :
    -Visual / Dimensional

    ▪Destructive testing  :
    -Calcination test (Loss On Ignition) -> Internally
    -Peel strength-testing (separation) -> Internally
    -Tensile test -> Carried out by an approved external body
    -Bending test -> Carried out by an approved external body

    ▪Welding leak tightness test MTP

    ▪Ensure the conformity of the hydraulic tests

❖ List of technical documents:

  • ITP : Inspection Test Plan
  • Study documents :

    ▪Calculation notes


  • Control documents:

    ▪Internal report on  ignition loss test

    ▪Internal report on polymerization test

    ▪Internal report on Visual / Dimensional test

    ▪Internal report on welding leak tightness test

    ▪Internal report on separation tests

  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Operator qualification certificate
  • Information folder :

End of manufacture report that contains all the necessary elements to certify the quality of the product and its compliance with specifications during manufacture and control processes.

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